Perfection in Every Detail

Apartment, Moscow

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Interior design, planning, project management, interior furnishing

Completion 2008


We were commissioned directly for this job by a Russian lover of music and art. And, as we were soon to discover, also a passionate perfectionist. The work entailed designing a 250 m2 apartment in a Moscow Wilhelminian era villa exactly to the personal desires and needs of the owner, planning everything down to the smallest detail and realising it all with the same meticulousness. All the work, from the initial gutting to the final hanging of the silk curtains, we either performed ourselves or we subcontracted under our own direction. One of our client’s main stipulations was that all the trade work should be carried out by German companies in German quality which, in Moscow, is easier said than done. But we viewed this condition as an opportunity to oversee all the preparatory work in the manner of a general contractor so that the fixtures and fittings to come later would mesh perfectly without requiring any adjustments. To achieve this perfection, we first created a 3-D measurement of the entire apartment. Then, the walls were trimmed, sometimes by as much as 7 cm, in order to attain perfect spatial geometry. The thoroughly flush wall surfaces were then gradually brought into quality level Q4 by manual priming and sanding. As an avowed technology hound, the owner can access and control all the home’s functions such as lights, air conditioning and heat by means of a touch-screen right inside the front door. Another of his special wishes was having pre-programmed lighting scenarios developed by a light designer. All the coordinates can be changed at any time on either the touchscreen or the controllers distributed throughout the rooms. Apart from the wholehearted embracing of modern technology, only natural materials were used. From the finest wood to the choicest fabrics.

Text: Helga Falkenstein
Photo: Frank Herforth