Altana AG, Bad Homburg

Construction, production and installation of the lobby wall

Completion 2002


In the new company headquarters of Altana AG in Bad Homburg architecture and art have merged in a very distinctive manner. A number of art pieces were acquired exclusively for this project. Even the design features of the lobby’s curved rear wall, constructed by Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, reflect this relationship between architecture and art. With 107 panels making up the four waves to the wall, the curves of the waves are set off against each other. Without meticulous attention to the smallest details (for instance the width of the grooves), such work would never have been mastered. The same also holds true for the supporting structures. The waves had to be attached directly to the solid construction at fixed points, enabling construction on laser-contoured steel sheets. Special attention was paid to producing the veneer. If just one sheet had suffered damage, this would have meant a discontinuity to the veneer coherency of the waves. Because the veneer of each individual wave flows successively from one base, each sheet attaches directly to its predecessor. Certainly a tall order, not only technically very demanding.

Text: Rainer Baginski
Photo: Deutsche Werkstätten