The Berlin Academy of Arts

Construction and installation of the information area, installation work in the auditorium, construction and installation work in the stairwell.

Completion 2004


The area around the Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was once considered to be one of the great hubs of Europe. Today the spirits of the place are at odds as to whether this is true once again. But taking a look at the Academy of Arts leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind. This is because Behnisch and Partner have produced a unique architectural design for the building. One that turns heads. One that is noted beyond the borders of Germany as well. And we don’t mind admitting: the Academy presented us with a very large challenge.The work of Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau on this Behnisch & Partner project included a key installation: the reception area in the new lobby, created from oak with highlights of red leather and anti-reflective glass. What made the work so complicated was that the countertop itself was sloped on two sides. Moreover, numerous details had to be accommodated. The bookshop, for example, had to be integrated into both the ground floor reception area and its intricate sculpturing. It was not just the reception desk that required our full attention, but also the installation of the acoustic ceiling elements in the plenar hall and the mirrored walls in the stairways. The latter with fully integrated, invisible fire doors and access to building services no less. To ensure that the overall visual effect works. For this is part of our job, too.

Text: Rainer Baginski
Photo: 1-2: Rainer Rehfeldt; 3: Christian Gahl