There are not many German companies which can claim a history so reflective of the economic and political development of Germany in the 20th century as Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Dresden. A history rife with euphoria, realisations, dreams, adversities – and many pioneering innovations. All this and more since 1898 – a retrospective as reviewed in a basic chronology of the company.

The Hellerau myth, growing since the early 20th century, has many different facets. Recurring themes are goals, ideas, ambitions, concepts which have stood the test of time for more than a century even while undergoing transformation. The ideas born in the company have actually influenced the very direction of the company. And have gone on from there to have far greater impact. 

At the turn of the 20th century, company founder Schmidt had utterly singular ideas on the role and task of artists with respect to commercial art. Right from the start he wanted to work with only the best and to charter new courses. And with the outstanding architects we work with, the workshops continue to be just as fortunate today. A true partnership for only through open dialogue can all strengths be marshalled in the sense of the end result.

Hellerau. A community on the outskirts of Dresden. Today, the flagships of modern technology have anchored here: Infineon, Globalfoundries, numerous smaller innovative enterprises. It’s almost as if there is a special atmosphere out here encouraging the forging of the future and turning visions into reality.
A view of Hellerau and its history gives you an idea of just how energising the atmosphere is here.