27. September 2017 – 01. December 2017

The Human Dimension

With their works, the photographers Nakazato Katsuhito and Stefan Canham draw attention to the "human dimension" of 'home-made' architecture built by the occupants themselves and the palpable creative energy of these builders. It is about the possibility of retaining sovereignty over one's own life in the appropriation of the living environment and its conscious design. Homes created by the individuals who live in them, built on a small, manageable scale, all too often, have to give way in our anonymous, extensively planned cities. The Japanese and German artists use the possibilities of an aesthetically sophisticated pictorial language to stimulate reflection on individuality and anonymization across national and cultural borders. These small beauty spots in the cities and what they express are the subject of both photo series. Canham's "Fango" shows a Lüneburg site of construction wagons whose exterior and interior spaces can be adapted to the needs of the residents (Mobile Squatters). Nakazato's "Portraits of Sheds" reflect the creativity of their makers and bridge the gap between old functionality and contemporary art objects.

Stefan Canham

Born in 1968 in England, he studied Film at the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg, and has been working as a freelancer on documentary photo and television projects since 1995. His work 'Portraits from Above - Hong Kong's Informal Rooftop Communities', realized together with Rufina Wu, won the 5th International Bauhaus Award 2008, as well as the WYNG Masters Award 2012, and has been presented in numerous exhibitions in Europe, Asia and North America. Canham has published several photo books at Peperoni Books (Berlin).

Nakazato Katsuhito

Born in 1956 in Mie, Professor of Photography at the Tōkyō Zōkei University, Nakazato has published numerous photo books including 'Portraits of Sheds' (Media Factory, 2000), 'Wandering Back Alleys' (Seiryu Publication, 2004) and 'Tōkei' (Mokudosui, 2006). Since 2000 he has arranged photo exhibitions, installations and workshops in unusual locations such as terraced houses and factories, empty shops and old marketplaces, e.g. in Mukōjima (Tōkyō), Ōme (Tōkyō), Fuji-Yoshida (Yamanashi Prefecture), Naha (Okinawa Prefecture), Cappadocia (Turkey) and Leipzig.


Exhibition Opening: 27 September 2017 at 7.30pm

Duration of the Exhibition: 28 September 2017 - 1 December 2017

Welcoming Address: Colin Ardley, Curator of the Werkstättengalerie, Deutschen Werkstätten; KIYOTA Tokiko, Deputy Secretary General JDZB (Japanese-German Centre, Berlin)

Introduction: Christina Gräwe, Publicist and Curator

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (not on public holidays and bridging days)

Venue: Deutsche Werkstätten (New Company Building), Moritzburger Weg 68, 01109 Dresden

Phone +49 351 21 590-0, www.dwh.de

Directions: Tram number 7 (Tram stop: Moritzburger Weg) or 8 (Tram stop: Am Hellerrand)

Entry is free of charge and parking in the company car park is possible.


Photo Copyright:

Fango: Stefan Canham

Out: Nakazato Katsuhito