29. September 2016 – 16. December 2016

Frank Herfort: signs of the times

Russia stands proudly aloft, bathed in lustre. It did this in Moscow and in St. Petersburg in the time of the Tzar, in Soviet Union exhibitions and in representative buildings during Stalin’s rule and it still does today. Lustrous splendour seems to be important for this land and its representatives. Lustre heralds greatness. The monuments being built bear witness to the greatness of their builders. That was so, this is so and perhaps it will always be so. Modest understatement seldom belongs to the vocabulary of Russian power. How quickly the eye lets itself be caught by the gleaming grandeur of these recently erected buildings and how good it is that there are photographers like Frank Herfort, who by placing them in a completely new context shed another light on them. Their monumentality, their out of placeness, their singularity and megalomania becomes apparent. Perhaps it is also only the western viewpoint which alters the perspective.

The response to Herfort’s works is, in any case, frequently a gasp of astonishment, a smile or a shaking of the head in disbelief. He shows the signs of the present Russian times, as a fusion of old and new, rich and poor. He tells of courage and failure, visions of the future and despondency, aspiration and reality. In his photography he filters the disjointedness and the ambivalence of this great and, without doubt, unbelievably exciting country.


Duration of the Exhibition: 29 December 2016 - 16 December 2016.
Exhibition Opening: 28 September 2015 at 7.30pm.
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Photos: Lothar Sprenger