27. April 2016 – 26. August 2016

Elisabeth Sonneck: Passacaglia

It’s about ... connecting this simple and lucid painting with an equally simple and lucid movement of the body. The application of the colour and movement of the body form a symbiosis.

The formal structure of the image field due to contradictions and their removal results in a dynamic balance, counteracting the fixed definition of visual facts. You could say that the process-bound form of production of the image is translated into the simultaneous movement of the finished painting, and vice versa, this is a reminder of the physical process of the creation.

Ulrich Loock (From: Elisabeth Sonneck – In Farbe, 2011)

The title Passacaglia (originally a Spanish dance of the late Renaissance) addresses the central aspects of Elisabeth Sonneck’s work: the rhythmic organisation of colour in relation to the physical range of the artist, the frequent motif of passage in her site-specific works and the temporary, varying experience of colour. Sonneck’s concept makes the specifics of the space to a collaborator of the colour installation. Other protagonists are pictures of the past decade and metre long, paper webs, painted on one side, whose material plains expand the area into the space.

Duration of the Exhibition: 28 April 2016 to 26 August 2016.
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (not on public holidays and bridging days).

Venue: Deutsche Werkstätten (New Company Building), Moritzburger Weg 68, 01109 Dresden.
Phone: +49 351 21590-202.
Directions: Tram number 7 (Tram stop: Moritzburger Weg) or 8 (Tram stop: Am Hellerrand).
Entry is free of charge and parking in the company car park is possible.

Photos: Lothar Sprenger