13. May 2015 – 31. July 2015 · 07:30 pm

Jan Muche: Repeater

Quote from "Modern Machines", Preface - published in "Jan Muche – Der Grund (The reason)", © 2011 Kerber Verlag (Author Christian Malycha):


The abstract access to all types of imagery has been has been a part of Jan Muche’s paintings from the very beginning. He began as a gestural painter who deliberately catches his intuitively set swings of colour with supporting, geometrically drawn beams which then form a tightly closed whole. Between 2003 and 2004 the images were more figurative and, due to the variety of the assembled themed set pieces, more interlaced and intricate. From 2006 onwards Muche also integrated writing into his paintings which in comparison with the figurative image situations represents a massive disruption in the motif and playfully prevents any definite semantic relationship between the two media. It essentially illustrates the use of writing as syntactical images which are used as purely compositional elements - Muche’s pictures are after all anything but narrative. Since the end of 2009 pictures have emerged with no writing at all. In the previous work phase it was a fixed component of the visual repertoire now Muche rises to new challenges and is devoted entirely to the pictorial structure of countless contrasting colour modules. Now the pictures are not only depicted constructions, but are picturesque themselves.

Photos: Lothar Sprenger