28. November 2012 – 22. February 2013 · 07:30 pm

Lüder Baier: A life dedicated to wood

Wood artist Lüder Baier died on 28th July 2012 in Dresden, the city where he spent much of his life. It was here that he fashioned many of his works, and some of them form part of our collection. There are three key connections between Deutsche Werkstätten and Lüder Baier: location, wood as a medium and art. These alone qualify the artist for a personal exhibition.
But there is yet another reason, namely to honour a great man who has made a significant contribution to arts and crafts in Saxony. Baier’s creative output ranges from mural design and large-scale sculptures to smaller showpiece items such as an exquisitely carved wooden jar. Throughout his career, Baier’s abiding principle was to respect his raw material and to bring out its inherent perfection. Few things are more difficult than that. The fact that Lüder Baier was nonetheless successful in this undertaking is attributable to his passion for wood and to his unwavering patience. Both characteristics are a common thread running through his work and his life. The exhibition traces this thread by means of smaller and larger display items, thereby conveying an overview of the artist’s oeuvre.

Opening: 14th November 2012, 7.30pm

Exhibition dates: 15th November 2012 to 18th January 2013

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (except public holidays)

Venue: Deutsche Werkstätten (New Building), Moritzburger Weg 68, 01109 Dresden,
Tel +49 (0) 351 21 590-202

Directions: No 7 tram (alight at Moritzburger Weg) or No 8 tram (alight at Am Hellerrand). Admission is free, and visitors arriving by car may use the company car park.

Photos: Lothar Sprenger