11. August 2011 – 16. December 2011 · 10:53 am

Wandel Hoefer Lorch & Hirsch: Material Time

The latest exhibition at the Werkstätten Gallery – ‘Material Time’ – opens 10th August at 7.30pm. Duration: 11th August - 16th December 2011. Venue: Werkstättengalerie der Deutschen Werkstätten, Moritzburger Weg 68, 01109 Dresden. Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm (closed on public holidays). Free admission.

How can history be documented in terms of space and structure? Wandel Hoefer Lorch & Hirsch are as deeply preoccupied with this question as anyone else in the field of architecture.
In this exhibition, a representative cross-section of the projects undertaken by this firm during the past 15 years goes on display for only the second time (the premiere having been at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich). It features buildings and projects that grapple with the issues of remembrance and history, as well as projects in Krakow and Tbilisi. The programmatic title ‘Material Time’ was chosen by the architects themselves. The ‘Time’ element refers to the historical, political and social issues raised by the exhibition. For Wandel Hoefer Lorch & Hirsch, architecture is above all a way of addressing questions that affect and concern us all. Taking twelve projects as their starting point, the partnership explain their specific methodology, using models, drawings, materials and visuals. At Deutsche Werkstätten, we have already collaborated with Wandel Hoefer Lorch & Hirsch in the construction of the New Synagogue in Dresden, and we are now delighted to be hosting this extraordinary exhibition in our gallery.

We look forward to seeing you there!