28. October 2010 – 21. January 2011 · 01:34 pm

Ola Kolehmainen: Photographs of Architecture

With its Ola Kolehmainen exhibit, the in-house art gallery at the German Workshops has landed one of the most acclaimed members of the “Helsinki School”. Studies of modern architecture form the very essence of this Finnish photographer’s work. While the Workshops primarily focus on interiors, Kolehmainen trains his camera on the external structures and lines of contemporary buildings. Although his approach has never been just simply documenting architecture: “I use architecture as a starting point in my work, a source of inspiration, but it’s not the ultimate end result of my artistic studies. My work is instead renderings of space, light and colour reflecting and dissecting that which has become visually familiar to us when we view objects,” offers the artist Kolehmainen, born in Helsinki in 1964, trained as a journalist before studying photography at the University of Art and Design. He now lives and works in Berlin. Approximately eight of his large-format works, each roughly 2.0 x 2.5 meters (about 6.5 x 8 feet), were exhibited within the open office space of the German Workshops which, since the company moved into this new building, has become a premiere regional outlet for the arts. By virtue of the sheer size of the work as well as their presentation as diasecs, the photographs become their own objects. The reflective surfaces force viewers to continually reposition themselves in their contemplation of a photograph. Reflection is not only immanent in the work itself, but also in the way we perceive it: Viewers are called upon to penetrate through many layers to consciously address their spatial relationships and perceptions. Duration of exhibition<//strong>: 28 October until 21 January 2011