14. January 2010 – 12. March 2010 · 04:44 pm

Jan Grossmann: Sculptures & graphics

Deutsche Werkstätten are planning to hold another four exhibitions on their premises in 2010. The Werkstätten gallery year will begin with a show by a local artist: Jan Grossmann – Sculpture and graphics. Born in 1970, Grossmann lives and works as a sculptor in Dresden. From 15th February, around ten of his sculptures and a large number of his graphic works, mostly very recent work from 2009, will be on display in the middle of the open-plan office wing of the Hellerau Werkstätten. “I am interested above all in the properties of materials. My work focuses on the creative process,” says Jan Grossman. Currently he is creating abstract sculptures from honeycomb panels of cardboard. This material gives him plenty of scope for experimentation, for building up and then subtracting again. The result is that the sculptures appear to have grown organically. The emotional element comes mainly at the end of the creative process with the introduction of colourful painted surfaces. For example, he describes one of his red lacquered pieces as aggressive and direct, while the black is more sensual and withdrawn. SPIN, the title of these sculptures has been borrowed from physics. LOOP, his latest creations, are curvy, ribbon-like shapes made from wood-based materials. His initial ideas for sculptures start with simple line drawings, in contrast to many of his graphics which are created on a PC, using vector-based programmes. Jan Grossmann studied at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (HfBK Dresden) where he first became a Master Scholar (Meisterschüler) under Prof Ursula Sax and later assistant to Prof Eberhard Bosslet. He is highly sympathetic to the ideals of the Garden City and Deutsche Werkstätten in Hellerau. And now he is having his first solo exhibition here. According to the freelance curator Katja-Albers Stintz: “One has to react to Jan Grossmann’s pieces. You cannot merely contemplate them; you have to walk around them and follow their movement to be able to understand their dynamic, and hence their relationship to the space they occupy.” This lively art exhibition can be viewed until 12th March in the Hellerau Werkstätten. Entry is free. We look forward to your visit and to hearing your views on the show. Entrance free. Duration of exhibition: 14 January till 12 March 20