27. July 2009 – 27. November 2009 · 01:04 pm

Anthony Canham: Golden City Construction Co./ Guy Toso: Trames

The Workshop Gallery presents works by Guy Toso and Anthony Canham About twenty years ago, Anthony Canham began noticing Chinese company names like “Double 'A' Hardware Inc.” and “Golden City Construction Co.” in New York newspaper advertisements. The quirkiness of such big city-sounding names triggered something akin to a chain reaction in him to which he gave visual form in a series of small-format collages and screen prints. Engaging thematic traces of the Orient, Occidental and Chinese influences, non-illusionistic spatial representations and coding and deciphering of inhibiting structures still fill his intermittently released pieces, their multiple layers often applied over days or weeks. While Anthony Canham references the external world and material objects and transforms them based on his own perceptions and realities, Guy Toso is more austere, less narrative. Toso’s objects are completely abstract, their strong presence and vibrancy yielded by their distinctive use of colour. Both artists previously had their work displayed at the gallery a few years ago as part of group exhibitions. This time, they come to present their latest works, all following a specific theme. “I feel that we’ve brought a very exciting exhibit to Dresden. You’d have to look high and low throughout all of Saxony to find someone creating the type of geometrical abstractions that Guy Toso makes,” notes Colin Ardley, curator of the Workshop Gallery at Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau. Also unorthodox is the size of some of the objects for this new Workshop Gallery exhibition. While it’s not uncommon for some exhibits to be shipped here in 3.5-tonne trucks, Canham often travels from his Hildesheim home with just a carton under his arm. Although that does not detract in the least from the energy bound within his graphically dynamic works measuring 20x30 cm or even smaller. Guy Toso presents larger works which consistently and strikingly explore the subtle. His concept is based on the vertical and the horizontal; his dynamism yielding from his sense of colour composition and intensity. Superimposed struts – hence the name “Trames”, French for web or grid – produce an intense spatial effect that needs to be seen in reality to be fully experienced. Each year, the company’s own gallery presents four to five changing exhibits of contemporary art. As unorthodox the artists, so the location. The very centre of our large open office space is specially reserved for art. Gallery visitors enter our company building at Moritzburger Weg 68 and find themselves right in the middle of our offices. “I think that being right in the midst of our daily business is very exciting for those who come to visit our gallery. We don’t relegate art to hallways or foyers here, it’s part and parcel of our work and our employees,” adds the curator. Exhibition dates: Title: Anthony Canham, “Golden City Construction Co.”, Guy Toso “Trames" Runs through: 20 August till 13 November 2009 Fotos: PR