Support for Hellerau's Application for the World Heritage Title

A project which involves a reorientation of the Hellerau application for the World Cultural Heritage title has recently been completed by the Förderverein Weltkulturerbe Hellerau e.V. (Association for the Promotion of the World Cultural Heritage Hellerau). The work "SCENARIO STUDY AND COMPARISON MATRIX for the HELLERAU WORLD HERITAGE TITLE, Hellerau and the World - an Industrial Cultural Showcase Project in International Comparison" put the application as a life reform project to the test. The result confirms the original approaches and suggests a focussing and streamlining of the originally very broad approach. The project, supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, paves the way for a renewed application at the national level. Deutsche Werkstätten supports the initiative and will continue to accompany it on its way.