Something to Celebrate

115 years ago, on 1 October 1898, the then 25-year-old carpenter Karl Schmidt founded what he called a "joinery factory, a factory of applied art objects" in Dresden, Laubegast. On this occasion he sent a letter to potential customers in which he emphasized the advantages of the new company such as punctuality, conscientiousness and a large reservoir of modern machines and wood stock. He also named companies in Germany (E.g. the Court’s Master Carpenter’s Workshop, Graschkus in Berlin), in Scandinavia and in England for which he had already worked. We cannot translate the ancient sounding language to modern ears. However, should you understand a little German, try looking at the letter that we present next to a photo of the young Schmidt (seated).

In 1941 Schmidt summed up that he had founded the company in 1898 with two carpenters and a borrowed amount of 5,000 Reichsmarks. "After a year I had 18 workers, 60 after 2 years which gradually grew to about 1000 workers and employees in Hellerau." Shortly after its founding on 1 October 1898 he renamed the joinery "Dresdner Werkstätten für Handwerkskunst " (Dresden Workshops for Crafts). Since moving to Hellerau in 1910 we have operated under the name Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau (which translates as German workshops in Hellerau). Today, although not the court’s carpenters, we still make an effort to provide "attentive service" to our customers. Some things never change.