Rudolf Horn - Wohnen als offenes System (Living as an Open System). An exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Pillnitz

One of the most astonishing success stories in the field of GDR design is the triumph of the MDW programme. The assembly furniture by Deutsche Werkstätten was mass-produced here in the old production halls from the 60s and 70s using machines and production lines. The programme, launched in 1968, had everything that was traditionally important for our company: modernity, social standards and many innovative elements in design and technology. The range was internationally competitive. It was the beginning of the partnership with the designer of the furniture, Rudolf Horn, which lasted for decades. We are delighted that the Dresden Museum of Decorative Arts in Pillnitz is honouring Horn's 90th birthday with an exhibition reviewing his work. The modernity of his thinking and designs will be celebrated in the exhibition 'Rudolf Horn - Living as an Open System' from 24 August to 3 November 2019.

Copyright Foto: SKD/Kunstgwerbemuseum Pillnitz