Hot off the Press

The 116-year history of Deutsche Werkstätten is packed with innovations of all kinds. Particularly in the areas of design and technology, we have made a significant contribution to the development of the cabinetry craft and the furniture of the 20th century. When Thomas Nabert was planning the book "Furniture for All", he had that in mind and got in touch with us to arrange an inclusion of Deutsche Werkstätten in its latest publication. We gladly agreed. The extensive work on the Saxon furniture industry covers a wide range from the mid-19th century to the present. The work is comprehensive, knowledgeable and detailed. You can convince yourself by looking into the publication itself and you will encounter Deutsche Werkstätten more than once.

Thomas Nabert, Published by Deutsches Stuhlbaumuseum Rabenau/Sa., Möbel für alle, Die Geschichte der sächsischen Möbelindustrie (Furniture for All, The history of the Saxon Furniture Industry); Pro leipzig 2014; 376 pages with numerous illustrations; ISBN 973-3-945027-02-8.


We have also found our place in the book “Die feine sächsische Art. Manufakturen in Sachsen” (The Fine Saxon Way. Manufacturers in Saxony". History and stories of Saxon manufacturers witness passion, ideas and diversity in the small and large companies in the region. The article about us and our work includes us in an exclusive circle. To have neighbours such as flattering silk, delicate porcelain, melting pastry and noble spirits pleases us very much.

Peter Ufer; Die feine sächsische Art, Manufakturen in Sachsen (The Fine Saxon Way. Manufacturers in Saxony); Edited by Sächsische Zeitung 2014; 124 pages with numerous illustrations; ISBN 978-3-943444-18-6.